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Laser Dentistry

Our hard tissue and soft tissue Dental Laser can treat cavities, gum disease, and a variety of other dental problems, usually without the need for anesthesia. Dr. Lu has received extensive training and she is certified in its use. Lasers have been used safely and successfully in dentistry for many years. Now Dr. Lu is one of the first dentists in the area to bring in the LightWalker™ laser.

The FDA approved LightWalker™ laser is used to prepare cavities for filling, other restorative procedures as well as minor surgeries. The laser doesn’t cause vibration like a dental drill, and most patients don’t require anesthesia. Patients love it since it has no injections, no annoying whine sound, and no numbness afterward. Although the laser does not replace the drill in every case, for most patients it provides painless dentistry, advances the healing process and even kills bacteria.

Lasers are particularly useful in the treatment of gum disease. More than half of adults have some degree of gum disease, which, if left untreated, can lead to tooth loss. Using the LightWalker™ laser, some cases of gum disease can be treated virtually painlessly and in a way that promotes healing. With the laser treatment there is no scalpel or sutures, less discomfort afterward, and patients usually return to their daily routine with very little disruption.

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